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Anti-tumor APIs & intermediates

  • Vinorelbine Tart...CAS NO.: 125317-39-7
  • Vincristine Sulf...CAS NO.: 2068-78-2
  • Vinblastine Sulf...CAS NO.: 143-67-9
  • MitomycinCAS NO.: 50-07-7
  • BortezomibCAS NO.: 179324-69-7
  • Epothilone BCAS NO.: 152044-54-7
  • IxabepiloneCAS NO.: 219989-84-1
  • StaurosporineCAS NO.: 62996-74-1
  • MidostaurinCAS NO.: 120685-11-2
  • Melphalan hydroc...CAS NO.: 3223-07-2

Veterinary APIs

  • MilbemycinoximeCAS NO.: 129496-10-2
  • LufenuronCAS NO.: 103055-07-8
  • NitenpyramCAS NO.: 120738-89-8
  • DoramectinCAS NO.: 117704-25-3

Hubei Honch Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hubei Honch Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established in 2007, located at Li Shizhen Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Qichun County, Huanggang, Hubei Province, China, covering an area of 20000 square meters, is engaged in R&D and production of innovative anti-tumor and high-end veterinary drug substances.

Personnel of R&D team and quality unit make up about 50% of the HONCH's staff. As a high-tech enterprise, R&D is always one of our priorities, and our efforts in R&D in turn bring HONCH a number of domestic and U.S. patents. Every product HONCH puts on the market is analyzed on the basis of global-level competition. Customers' requirements are not only the start point but also the end point of our work, we are dedicated to creating values for the whole supply chain and grow together with our customers.